Never trust a software vendor's advice in the market they sell in to, particularly in the social market.#

Cultural blind spot no. 279: Comics#

To paraphrase @monteiro People care about Apple they way they aught to care about their kids.#

Funny how people are so concerned about Apple. It’s OK, they’re grown ups.#

Apple pundits are even more conservative than Apple itself.#

Everything is weird until it becomes normal.#

Apple always do the same thing except when they do something they have’t done before.#



Chrome is way faster than either Firefox or Safari. I haven't even bothered to try Explorer.#

I still get the date which displays on the page showing as the day before despite an update/ fix to 1.58. Rather bizarrely my fix is to make updates on my iPhone not my desktop!#


I'd like to be able to use Bootswatch to style my noteblog(s) but I'm not sure if that's possible with the new Fargo as it uses a different CMC system. Fargo is getting better but harder.#

There's the stream and there are blog posts. Somewhere in the middle are noteblogs. The best example of this I've seen so far is Quartz's new noteblog about TV, Glass. It has the lightness of a Twitter stream but the in-post detail of a blog post.#


I've started a new noteblog at called Pieces where I want to collate links and ideas I find interesting on the net. This will remain a more personal noteblog.#

It's stuck in a web browser and it's hard to use on the iPhone and iPad. #

I'm writing this in a basic outlining app on my iPhone and copy and pasting it into Fargo. Such a shame there's no app for Fargo. #

Having started The Bay Project on Wordpress I've rediscovered and am enjoying Wordpress' Reader. It works almost identically to Tumblr's Dashboard, the chief benefit being that unlike most RSS readers it has no unread item count.#

It can read any RSS feed as well Wordpress blogs natively. It turns Wordpress into a kind of Twitter which is always a good thing. #

Started my new blog at Documenting drawing not drawing documents.#

I predict Wunderlist 3 will launch with an API allowing connection to third-party services like IFTTT, Dropbox and Amazon and better messaging/ collaboration features having purchased Moped messaging last year. #

Of all the great TV shows of now and the last 10 years still nothing even comes close to The Wire.#

The predominant device will be a large(ish) smartphone closely followed by an increasingly lightweight and powerful laptop. The tablet/ pad will end up being a popular but nevertheless niche product for very particular use cases. #

Delighted to see Fargo getting it's first major publicity thanks to Quartz's TV notebook Glass at

I read a newspaper for the first time in years the other day. It felt very odd. I must have become accustomed to the unbundling of the internet. The notion of one publisher providing all content seems not only bizarre but evidently bad for the reader.#

I got bored with Games Of Thrones in season 3. Too many meandering, fruitless story lines. Ended up not caring about characters I'd previously been interested in.#

Productivity apps are for people who want to feel productive and in control.#

Slowly but surely leaving the desktop web behind.#

It's been a while.#

See you in a week...#

Notes on TV — Benedict Evans.#


Who are you with? — Euan Semple.#

Explicit stories, those told and listened to. Controlled. Implicit stories, those narratives written as we act. Uncontrolled.#


Thinking about the important difference between explicit and implicit storytelling. #


Aldous Huxley on Drugs, Democracy, and Religion We actually ended up in A Brave New World and not 1984.#


Don't buy a word of it but a good read nevertheless Mind the gaps. Why stories get us hooked — Robert Mighall.#

Tech innovation in TV - Benedict Evans.#

Once upon a time the release of a new smartphone would have been an important event.#

Everybody in the music business is an entrepreneur - Hugh MacLeod#

I am sure that corporate storytelling will be better than whatever they were doing before but only from their perspective. Too many companies think about what they want to say instead of what we the market need to hear. Story is artifice and there is no room for it in today's connected marketplace.#

We do not want another story particularly from a corporate entity. We're neither that stupid anymore, nor do we care. The reality is we are time-poor, impatient and do just want to be shown the facts. In terms of our relationships with commerce, the best narratives are the ones we unconsciously write ourselves through our own experience and interaction with others. There is nothing a corporate narrative can tell us that a series of honest, useful and valuable interactions with a company can't do. Indeed, do better. Even the smallest moments of authenticity, trust, value and utility stand out in the chaos. They are more powerful than even the finest story.#

What the digital mobile environment empowers is a thankful shift away from the idea of the market as a place where corporate stories are consumed, to a market of real conversations where the customer gets to dictate terms by asking direct questions, receiving honest answers and bypassing whatever story may have been concocted to get in the way. We don't care about your story, we don't want to hear it. We don't have time for your brand experiences or overtures of engagement. We will decide what we want and need, not the brand.#

There are two things we want companies or brands to be. Useful or interesting. Preferably both because then they become valuable to us. If they can't we want them to shut up, listen and be ready to answer our questions. If they can't cope with any of the above then they are dead to us. Ultimately we really don't give a toss about corporate stories. Even the Greatest Story Ever Told can't sell us on miracles.#

Newspapers Are Dead; Long Live Journalism - Ben Thompson#

Write every day#

Get some exercise#

A beautiful, bright Monday :blush:#

I just saw a job ad 'Painter wanted' and for a moment genuinely thought an artist was required somewhere.#

What big co.'s and brands completely get wrong is they still think their power lies in control and ownership. Just more top down thinking. The real power comes from giving that up an enabling others to do their work for them free from control.#

The tyranny of metrics. No one demands ROI on meetings, phone calls and email anymore. Count the cash in the till, sure, but measuring human behaviour is counter productive. I long for the day when so called social channels are just used where and when relevant in the same way that phone calls and email are used. They should be just another tool.#

For Museum Week here's Kettle's Yard my favourite museum and a very special place for me#

Finding your workbench muse by David Heinemeier Hansson#

You should 'like' the software you use at work - Bret Taylor#

Lasting change - one conversation at a time - Euan Semple#

Looking In The Rearview Mirror For Mobile App Inspiration – Semil Shah#

Stop trying to make the web look 'beautiful' - Oliver Burkeman#

It's become apparent that this 'noteblog' is not good for longer posts and that's fine, I'll just do them elsewhere and link to them from here.#

OK so Game Of Thrones has got a lot better. Shame it took most of Season 1 to get there but I'm into it now and looking forward to Season 2 :blush:#

Persevering with Game Of Thrones. It's not exactly gripping.#

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