A beautiful, bright Monday :blush:#

I just saw a job ad 'Painter wanted' and for a moment genuinely thought an artist was required somewhere.#

What big co.'s and brands completely get wrong is they still think their power lies in control and ownership. Just more top down thinking. The real power comes from giving that up an enabling others to do their work for them free from control.#

The tyranny of metrics. No one demands ROI on meetings, phone calls and email anymore. Count the cash in the till, sure, but measuring human behaviour is counter productive. I long for the day when so called social channels are just used where and when relevant in the same way that phone calls and email are used. They should be just another tool.#

For Museum Week here's Kettle's Yard my favourite museum and a very special place for me#

Finding your workbench muse by David Heinemeier Hansson#

You should 'like' the software you use at work - Bret Taylor#

Lasting change - one conversation at a time - Euan Semple#

Looking In The Rearview Mirror For Mobile App Inspiration – Semil Shah#

Stop trying to make the web look 'beautiful' - Oliver Burkeman#

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