Thinking about the important difference between explicit and implicit storytelling. #


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Don't buy a word of it but a good read nevertheless Mind the gaps. Why stories get us hooked — Robert Mighall.#

Tech innovation in TV - Benedict Evans.#

Once upon a time the release of a new smartphone would have been an important event.#

Everybody in the music business is an entrepreneur - Hugh MacLeod#

I am sure that corporate storytelling will be better than whatever they were doing before but only from their perspective. Too many companies think about what they want to say instead of what we the market need to hear. Story is artifice and there is no room for it in today's connected marketplace.#

We do not want another story particularly from a corporate entity. We're neither that stupid anymore, nor do we care. The reality is we are time-poor, impatient and do just want to be shown the facts. In terms of our relationships with commerce, the best narratives are the ones we unconsciously write ourselves through our own experience and interaction with others. There is nothing a corporate narrative can tell us that a series of honest, useful and valuable interactions with a company can't do. Indeed, do better. Even the smallest moments of authenticity, trust, value and utility stand out in the chaos. They are more powerful than even the finest story.#

What the digital mobile environment empowers is a thankful shift away from the idea of the market as a place where corporate stories are consumed, to a market of real conversations where the customer gets to dictate terms by asking direct questions, receiving honest answers and bypassing whatever story may have been concocted to get in the way. We don't care about your story, we don't want to hear it. We don't have time for your brand experiences or overtures of engagement. We will decide what we want and need, not the brand.#

There are two things we want companies or brands to be. Useful or interesting. Preferably both because then they become valuable to us. If they can't we want them to shut up, listen and be ready to answer our questions. If they can't cope with any of the above then they are dead to us. Ultimately we really don't give a toss about corporate stories. Even the Greatest Story Ever Told can't sell us on miracles.#

Newspapers Are Dead; Long Live Journalism - Ben Thompson#

Write every day#

Get some exercise#

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