It's stuck in a web browser and it's hard to use on the iPhone and iPad. #

I'm writing this in a basic outlining app on my iPhone and copy and pasting it into Fargo. Such a shame there's no app for Fargo. #

Having started The Bay Project on Wordpress I've rediscovered and am enjoying Wordpress' Reader. It works almost identically to Tumblr's Dashboard, the chief benefit being that unlike most RSS readers it has no unread item count.#

It can read any RSS feed as well Wordpress blogs natively. It turns Wordpress into a kind of Twitter which is always a good thing. #

Started my new blog at Documenting drawing not drawing documents.#

I predict Wunderlist 3 will launch with an API allowing connection to third-party services like IFTTT, Dropbox and Amazon and better messaging/ collaboration features having purchased Moped messaging last year. #

Of all the great TV shows of now and the last 10 years still nothing even comes close to The Wire.#

The predominant device will be a large(ish) smartphone closely followed by an increasingly lightweight and powerful laptop. The tablet/ pad will end up being a popular but nevertheless niche product for very particular use cases. #

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